Soap Diaries: My Soapy Adventure

My soapy adventure began while I was on another adventure – teaching English in China. While travel has always been a passion of mine, it wasn’t until I took a soap-making workshop in Shanghai that soap making became a new passion. The process of selecting essential oils, color, and additions like poppy seeds and lavender buds for my soap ignited my creative spirit. The first batch of soap I made smelled amazing and ended up with such vivid coloring. One of my soaps came out so green the teacher of the workshop jokingly referred to it as “Wicked” soap. I had so much fun getting into a creative Zen-state, that I attended the workshop three more times. I also enjoyed using my soap, not just because I made it, but also because it smelled better, felt better, and I knew what ingredients were in it.

After I left China, I moved back to the US and became passionate about creating a bath and beauty product line inspired by my adventures, travels, and stories. I have always liked the term adventuress because an adventuress is someone who is brave enough to get out of her comfort zone and seek adventure. I consider myself an adventuress because I did just that.

Before China, I had a steady job working a 9-5 as a government bureaucrat. While I loved the people I worked with, the job was not fulfilling for me. It also didn’t help that I was born with a strong case of wanderlust. In high school, I had been an exchange student to China and Japan, and those experiences had changed my life. When I got an offer to take a three-month internship with the State Department in Brussels, Belgium I jumped at the chance. I left behind a steady paycheck to go on a life-changing adventure.

While living in Belgium, I traveled throughout Europe and the travel bug just kept biting. After my internship was over, I moved on to Asia – first Taiwan, then China – to teach English. All the while I kept an adventuress spirit as I hiked the wild part of the Great Wall and went horseback riding for the first time with Mongolian horse trainers.

I started the Adventuress Soap Co because I want to combine my passions of travel and soap making into a product line for all adventuress’s out there. Bath and beauty products are a way to unwind and take a moment for self-care wherever you are. I enjoy using color, scent, and suds to tell a story and evoke a place or memory. From the exotic beauty of Taiwan, to the sensual sun-baked glisten of Rome, I want to create an effervescent experience in the shower that transports you to far-away places. Over time, I also aim to introduce new products and lines inspired by other cultures, places, and food.

This blog will highlight my adventures in soap making, as well as my travel adventures with tidbits of health and beauty tips. No matter where you go in life, always remember to be adventuress!

You can find the Adventuress Soap Co soon on Etsy (tentative opening: May 2017) and you can follow my soapy adventures on Instagram @theadventuresssoapco.


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