Traveler Tidbits – Hong Kong

With towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and a beautiful harbor, Hong Kong is a feast for the senses. From exploring the labyrinth of streets, eating dim sum and marveling at Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. Whether you have an entire week or only a 5-hour layover, there’s a lot to see and do in Hong Kong.

Here are my adventuress recommendations on what to see and do in Hong Kong. You can also check out my previous blog post here where I tell you how my fling and love affair with Hong Kong began.

1. Take the Tram to Victoria Peak

Victoria’s Peak offers one of the best views of Hong Kong. When my mom came to visit me while I was living in Asia I had to share my love of Hong Kong with her. One of the first places I dragged her to was Victoria Peak. We took the Peak Tram to the top of the peak where we were greeted with magnificent views of Hong Kong and its harbor. The skyscrapers nestle the verdant green hills and highlight the best of Hong Kong. You can also roam around on some hiking trails which offer plenty of green space to get lost in.

2. Take the Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is another must do in Hong Kong. The Star Ferry has been ferrying passengers back and forth between the harbors of Hong Kong since 1888. While riding the Star Ferry during the day would still make for some impressive views of the harbor, I recommend riding the Star Ferry at night when all the skyscrapers are lit up. Riding the Star Ferry at night was one of my favorite memories of Hong Kong, as we ferried across the harbor with the lights of the skyscrapers reflecting across the water and the dark silhouette of the green hills adding to the beauty of the nighttime ferry ride.

3. Visit Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is a small non-descript temple located on Hollywood Road. Man Mo Temple is dedicated to the civil god Man Tai and the martial god Kwan Tai. While I didn’t travel there seeking civil or martial assistance, I did check it out because it is a beautiful, if small, temple. Incense fills the entire temple, from the incense lit by those seeking to have their prayers answered as well as the large incense coils on the ceiling. If you’re wandering around and happen to be on Hollywood Road, check out Man Mo Temple. There’s also an English-speaking fortune teller on site.

4. Visit Big Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, is located in Ngong Ping on Lantau Island. Lantau Island is nearby the airport, so if you have a long lay over in Hong Kong you should definitely check it out. You get to Ngong Ping by taking a nice and scenic cable car ride up to the mountains. The ride is long but offers beautiful scenic views of Lantau Island and the Big Buddha. Once you get to the top of Ngong Ping, there’s a touristy village area with shops and restaurants. You can get some great long shots or close ups of Big Buddha depending on your vantage point. Either way, the Big Buddha is quite a sight to see whether close up or from afar.

 5. Stroll Around Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market is one of the liveliest street markets in Hong Kong. Read my post here to learn more about my experience with one of the fortune tellers of Temple Street Night Market. Temple Street Night Market is known for its shopping, Cantonese opera singers, and of course its fortune tellers (Hong Kong is all about their fortune tellers). Temple Street Night Market is a sensorial feast, with its variety of snack options, street hawkers, and yes opera singers. If you’re the adventurous type, you can even get your fortune told. While my first experience with a fortune teller was a tad disappointing, my second experience was much more interesting. If you’re looking for a fortune teller, go with your gut and try to skip the ones that are hawking aggressively. I did, and ended up having a pretty profound experience with a fortune teller.


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