Soap Diaries – On the Hunt for Handmade Soap in Shanghai

Finding handmade soap in Shanghai proved to be quite an adventure. For one, Shanghai isn’t exactly known for embracing handmade. When it comes to shopping, Shanghainese prefer luxury brands. Handmade and eco-friendly just do not speak to Shanghai’s flashy sensibilities.

My experience taking a soap making class and using my own soap is what ultimately inspired me to seek out handmade soap both for research purposes as well as practical (I wanted to stay away from chemical laden body washes). Thus, my journey to find quality handmade soap in Shanghai began.

My adventure took me to the French Concession, where I had heard about a small eco-friendly soap and beauty product store on Anfu Lu. Getting lost was my specialty when I lived in Shanghai, so it took me a couple of tries before I finally found the small little shop called Eco Shop.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide array of soaps, solid perfumes, and soy wax candles that were all reasonably priced. The store had tons of handmade soaps with interesting combinations like avocado, geranium and lemongrass.

The packaging of the soaps and other products was also inspiring. The soaps and solid perfumes are wrapped in cute little fabric scraps and bundled with twine and a simple label.

I purchased a solid perfume fragranced with “bamboo” and an “orange peach blossom” scented soap that was supposedly good for moisturizing, detoxing, and whitening.

The solid perfume was nicely fragranced and I liked the fact that it was portable and easy to cart around. The smell was also lovely, it was a nice herbal scent that wasn’t too cloying. The “orange peach blossom” soap was also a delight to use. It was a large sized bar that lasted for a while and it moisturized my skin quite well.

If you’re on the hunt for natural handmade soap in Shanghai, I highly recommend you get adventuress and search for Eco Shop – it’s worth getting lost for.


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