Soap Diaries – Yuan Soap Review


Living in China inspired me to seek out more organic and natural forms of skincare products. Skin is the body’s largest organ and it absorbs both the good and the bad from our environment and the products we use. Living in Shanghai with its terrible pollution definitely affected my health (*cough*) and skin. However, finding natural and organic beauty products while living in China proved to be quite a challenge. China isn’t known for having the safest products (rice made of plastic?), and beauty products are no exception.

One day while strolling through Shanghai’s trendy IAPM mall, my attention was drawn to a small shop called Yuan. The shop had a nice natural feel to it and I saw it had an entire display of natural soaps! The soaps had unique ingredients, including some I’ve never heard of, like Job’s Tears and Purple Gromwell. The soaps weren’t cheap, but I thought since soap is something I use every day it was worth the investment.

Yuan is actually a Taiwanese brand and the creator has been making natural soaps since 2005. Yuan has its own farm in Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan, where the herbs and other ingredients are from.  I chose the “Auspicious” soap with its blend of Artemisia, mugwort and lemon grass which according to Yuan, “eliminate obstacles and beckon bliss.” While I wouldn’t go as far to say the soap helped eliminate obstacles or beckon bliss, I will say it did leave my skin clean and soft. The scent was strong and herbaceous and while it wasn’t my favorite scent ever, the scent faded over time. Like most natural soaps care has to be taken to keep it safe from standing water.

While the soap was a bit pricy, I would try Yuan soap again. It left my skin clean without feeling tight, and it lasted for a while. It’s also made from all natural ingredients and is free of sulfates and harsh detergents. If you happen to be in Shanghai, check out Yuan at IAPM mall – Yuan can also be found online here. (I have no affiliation with Yuan).


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