The Soap Diaries – Review of the Soap Shop: Handmade Soap from Colorado

The shower is a magical place. It’s one of the few places you can go in feeling dirty, sweaty, and gross and emerge feeling clean, fresh, and beautiful. The transformative potential of showers is why I have always been obsessed with bath and shower products. Any time I see luscious soap or fragrant shower gels I get excited. They’re like magical potions.

One day while driving through my home state Colorado, I was passing through Idaho Springs, a small mountain town known for its hot springs. While I usually stop there to have amazing pizza at a place called Beaujo’s, my appetite for soap was whetted when I saw a cute little shop simply called, “The Soap Shop.” The shop had a nice rustic look so I took a peek inside. The shop sells 100% organic, all natural soaps with a distinct Rocky Mountain theme. I was intrigued so I bought a soap sampler pack with eight different types of soaps.

Right away I started using my new magical potions and I was impressed with the quality. The soaps were soft, lathered nicely, and were nicely scented. The ingredients in all the soaps were: organic oils of coconut, sustainably grown palm, olive oil, and castor bean oil along with essential oils and fragrance. Here’s a run-down of the fragrances in the pack:

Colorado Columbine: The Columbine flower is Colorado’s state flower, and after using this soap I can see why. This one was my favorite! It had a nice light floral scent that lingered on the skin. The soap also had a nice blue/white swirl effect as a homage to the beautiful blue and white Columbine flower.

Lavender Fields: Lavender fields was a classic lavender fragrance. The scent wasn’t too strong, it was actually just right. The soap was a nice lavender and it didn’t have any pesky lavender buds added in. While lavender buds look like they make a great additive in soap, they actually turn mushy and end up looking like dead mosquitos in your bathtub.

Lavender Tea Tree: This was another one of my favorites. This had a nice herbal scent with lavender and tea tree oil, two of the best essential oils out there. Lavender has a calming effect on skin, while tea tree oil is good for fighting acne and other skin woes.

Mt. Evans Pine: This one didn’t smell as strong as I would have liked, but it had a nice fragrance to it using fir essential oil. It was a nice piney-green color and was reminiscent of the pine trees of Mt. Evans.

Blackberry: This soap was a nice dark purple. I’m not a fan of fruity smells, but this had a nice fruity scent balanced out with sensual vanilla.

Cranberry: This soap was a gorgeous cranberry color and it had a nice tart cranberry scent that wasn’t too strong. It reminded me of Thanksgiving.

Sandalwood Vanilla: Sandalwood and vanilla are two of the world’s sexiest fragrances to me, and this was no exception. It didn’t smell too strong, but it had a nice subtle sexy fragrance.

Honeysuckle Gardenia: This was another one of my favorites and one I would definitely purchase in a full-size bar. Honeysuckle always reminds me of summer, and gardenias remind me of spring. The smell of both together is heavenly and the scent is quite strong and lingers on your skin.

Overall, I was very impressed with the soaps offered at the Soap Shop from the Rocky Mountain theme (which appeals to my native Colorado girl) and the quality of the soaps themselves If you’re ever in Idaho Springs, Colorado you can check them out on Milner St, or you can check them out online at


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