The Soap Diaries – Fire Bird Bath and Body Review

firebird bath and body

Once upon a time, I was addicted to Etsy. My addiction went a little like this: oooh handcrafted earrings made of vintage beads? Need them. A kawaii clay polymer necklace with a ninja and throwing star pendants? Putting it in my shopping cart. Handcrafted soap? Give me all of them! Etsy was so fun because I could find anything, including things I didn’t even know I wanted. I also liked that I was supporting artists and their work.

Fast forward a few years later and my Etsy addiction has mostly waned (I went to an Etsy-holics class and everything), but my love for all things handmade has remained. One shop I have always been interested in checking out is Firebird Bath and Body. Based out of Maryland, Firebird Bath and Body has an array of beautiful jewel-colored soaps with mysteriously beautiful scents to match. I bought a sampler pack and picked four fragrances and immediately brought them into the shower with me. Here’s what I thought.

lavender wood

Lavender Wood

First up, we have lavender wood. This was one of my favorites. The scent was a very woodsy lavender with essential lavender oil and a base of sandalwood, cedar, amber wood, and vetiver. It’s a sexy and darker interpretation of lavender. It didn’t smell like any other lavender I have tried. The lavender colored soap also had poppy seeds for exfoliation. I also found it gentle enough that I even tried it as a facial soap and it left my skin feeling soft and supple.

tobacco honey

Tobacco Honey

Tobacco honey is a masculine scent with notes of duh – tobacco and honey. I have decided this is what every man should smell like. This scent is magnificent! While I was worried it would smell like an old man and his pipe tobacco, this smells like a sexy rich man (who also cooks and has a private jet). The scent is also very strong and it retains on the skin for quite some time.



If I had to pick an absolute favorite this is the one! Lagoon has notes of sea moss and salt water. The aquamarine color of the soap reminds me of a hidden lagoon of crystal blue water. The scent is intoxicating and reminds me of mermaids (who seem to be having their pop culture moment along with unicorns) with its feminine, aquatic notes. It’s a beautiful soap and I will definitely repurchase it again.

moroccan fig

Moroccan Fig.

Moroccan fig has an exotic scent of honeyed figs and soft florals. This is a beautifully fragranced soap with a nice deep plum color. The fragrance wasn’t too fruity or florally as it also had a nice smoky base to give it some sexiness.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of Firebird’s products. The soaps themselves performed well in the shower, leaving my skin soft and nicely fragranced. Firebird also offers fragrance oils, bath salts, and lip balms with exotic fragrances that I fully intend on trying out. If you want to check out Firebird Bath and Body on Etsy click here.



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