Travel Snapshots – San Luis, Colorado


Traveling through San Luis, Colorado is a bit like traveling back in time. San Luis is the oldest town in Colorado and today it remains a small and quiet town with a slower and quieter pace of life. San Luis is located on the cusp of the Colorado/New Mexico border and its Spanish/Mexican roots remain evident in its traditions and focus on religion. San Luis has one of the oldest churches in Colorado and is also home to the Shrine of the Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross is located on a mesa which offers beautiful views of the San Luis Valley. As you make the climb up the mesa there are bronze statues which each represent a moment during the crucifixion of Christ.

When you reach the top of the mesa there’s a beautiful Spanish colonial-style church. While the church looks like it hails from colonial times, it was actually built during the 1960’s.

If you find yourself driving through Colorado, I highly recommend you give San Luis a visit rather than just passing through. Visiting the Stations of the Cross is definitely worth the time for the beautiful views it offers.


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