Traveler Tidbits – Five Things to Do in San Diego, California

San Diego is without question my favorite city in California. San Diego has it all – beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a laidback attitude. With all the amazing things to see and do it’s the perfect city to visit for a get-away. In fact there’s so much to do it can be tough to pack it all in if you’re planning on visiting for a couple days. Nonetheless, here are my top five recommendations on what to see and do if you have a couple of days to spare in San Diego.

Visit Sea World

I know there was a lot of backlash against Sea World with the release of the documentary “Black Fin,” however Sea World has done a lot to revamp its image and its efforts do support conservancy efforts. Sea World has tons to see and do, and it’s just as fun for adults as it is for kids. One of my favorite parts of visiting Sea World were the interactive exhibits where you can pet sting rays and bamboo sharks (don’t worry they’re harmless!). The dolphin show is also worth a viewing as it showcases the intelligence of these beautiful creatures. Sea World definitely was a highlight of my most recent visit and I highly recommend it for adults and kids alike.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is often referred to as the “Smithsonian of the West” for its impressive collection of museums. Balboa Park is home to 17 museums including art, science and aviation museums. Balboa Park also houses beautiful gardens including an enclosed botanical conservatory which has been around since 1915. You can spend an entire day in Balboa Park and not even scratch the surface, there’s so much to see in this beautiful park.

 San Diego Wildlife Safari Park

I actually haven’t been to San Diego Zoo, which is a renowned zoo in the United States, but I have been to San Diego’s Wildlife Safari Park and I highly recommend it. San Diego Wildlife Safari Park has tons of space to walk around in, and there are tons of animal exhibits, both enclosed and non-enclosed. You can also take a “safari” tour where you get to see animals like giraffes, rhinos, and zebras roaming around freely.

 Del Mar Beach

San Diego has tons of great beaches with Silver Strand and La Jolla being among my favorites. Del Mar Beach is another favorite for its two miles of beautiful coastline which offer beautiful views, sandy beaches, and plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. Del Mar has an upscale charm to go along with its beautiful beaches and I highly recommend it.

 Visit Old Town San Diego

Old Town is an awesome place to visit to get a taste of San Diego’s past. There are tons of historic buildings from San Diego’s past on display and there is no charge to enter most of them. There are also tons of restaurants and shops. If you are into the paranormal the Whaley House is also worth a visit. The Whaley House was actually designated as an official haunted house by the United States Commerce Department. I can also attest to the fact that this is one haunted house. You can see the curtains on windows blowing even when it’s not windy. My brother and I actually had a real scare at the Whaley House when we were playfully knocking on the door of the old outhouse (which is locked and not open to visitors) and the doorknob turned from the inside. We also went on a ghost tour of Old Town and the guide informed us that Old Town is full of ghosts and said there’s a street where car alarms will go off by themselves. So if you’re brave and interested in visiting the ghosts of San Diego’s past visit Old Town.


One thought on “Traveler Tidbits – Five Things to Do in San Diego, California

  1. I’ve wanted to go to San Diego Zoo for as long as I can remember! I didn’t know much about the rest of San Diego, to be honest! I have to say, I have really mixed feelings towards Sea World. I actually think they do a lot of good things as an organisation, but then other things are questionable. I did this amazing behind the scenes tour at the Orlando one and I still can’t decide if I’m glad I did it or not, but it was really amazing seeing what they actually do.

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